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"Glyptis had the perfect combination of beauty and grit to make Aldonza real: there was fire in her voice as she blazed with rage both at the men who abused her and the old man who idealized her.  It was heart breaking to watch her Aldonza rally the dying Don Quixote once more with the beautiful strains of 'Dulcinea'." Opera Saratoga's Man of La Mancha 2021

"It would be remiss not to mention Kelly Glyptis, who captured the conflict, pain, and struggle of Aldonza, all while belting out song after song.  She provided one of the most moving scenes of the show with her performance of "Aldonza" and again gave a stunning performance in the finale sequence" Opera Saratoga's Man of La Mancha 2021

"As Aldonza, soprano Kelly Glyptis was like a caged animal, weary and quick-tempered.  Nevertheless, her singing was easy to like.  Her eventual transformation into a disciple of quixotism was affecting and believable.

      -Times Union

Opera Saratoga's

Man of La Mancha


"Soprano Kelly Glyptis as Aldonza inhabited her role.  She sang with a vibrant, intense, edged tone and infused her acting with lots of drama and vitality" 

-The Daily Gazette/ Opera Saratoga's Man of La Mancha 2021


 It was also impossible not to love Kelly Glyptis' Fruma-Sarah, who, in one of the production's more whimsical moments, was monstrously tall and deathly pale, with fingers like branches. -The Rapidian/ Fiddler on the Roof National Tour 2020


          "In the title role, Kelly Glyptis, Grand Prix winner of the 2021 Musical International Grand Prix... was undeniably star of the show, her strong soprano never overwhelmed by the vivid orchestration... and her portrayal was as complex as Madeleine was conflicted."

-Critics Circle UK/ Surrey Opera's Madeleine 2021


         "Mother Abbess, at this performance played stunningly by Kelly Glyptis."

 -Broadway World/ Sound of Music National Tour 2019


 "The biggest moments came from Kelly Glyptis, erupting in drunken dissonances as Sir Elton John's Trainer"

-The Wall Street Journal/ Opera Saratoga's Vinkensport, or the Finch Opera 2018

"Ms. Glyptis sang with impressive precision and emotion... Her “Mi chiamano Mimi” from La Boheme was quite impressive, and I think this emerging young artist could make it as an actress alone." Baltimore Concert Opera Concert Series 2017

 "Standouts among the petitioners included Ms. Glyptis as the Foreign Woman whose aria (in Italian) was pure Puccini"

-The Wall Street Journal/ Opera Saratoga's The Consul 2018


“The large cast was strong throughout, particularly the women…Kelly Glyptis (Cupid) had clarion [voice] and loads of personality.”- The Washington Post/ Virginia Opera's Orpheus in the Underworld 2015

“Kelly Glyptis, playing Cupid, took the vocal [prize]…coloratura heights with grace and sly wit, and reveled in physical comedy.” -The Richmond Times-Dispatch/ Virginia Opera's Orpheus in the Underworld 2015

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